Especially for Couples

Are the things you loved about your relationship not what they used to be?

Couples counseling is one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy. Even if you can’t get your partner to come in at first, there is plenty that can be done on your own.

The decision to come to counseling does NOT mean that you cannot solve your problems in the privacy of your own relationship. You can benefit by learning more about each other, discovering the secrets to healthy relationships, and figuring out how to solve some nagging issues. I use a simple 4-step process and will share with you 15 questions which have been determined to help couples lead satisfying relationships.

Therapy is goal oriented, frequently brief and reinforced with tools that prevent relapse.

Is it the right time for couples counseling?

Are you considering taking a big step such as: living together, getting engaged or married, or having a baby-and feel both excited and unsure about the idea?

Would your relationship be great if you could just fix a few things about your partner or the way you are as a couple?

Have you tried to work on your relationship before and gotten distracted or off-track?

Working on your relationship with a trained professional is an efficient and long-lasting investment in the most important thing in your life. You might come in for a few months, or just a few sessions, to straighten and strengthen your relationship. Let us help you improve your day-to-day life.

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