Cal Students

Good news for Golden Bears: you do not have to choose between a therapist you want to see and one you can afford.

The Tang Center and low-fee agencies are NOT your only option…

Maybe you are still deciding if you should seek counseling. You might have tried everything you know to fix your problem or you might not know where to begin. By choosing therapy you are not giving up on your ability to solve your own problems.You are building on what you already know by using what I can teach you in our sessions.

There are many qualified local therapists around here.As a Cal grad myself, I choose to dedicate a portion of my practice to serving the Cal community. If you made it to Cal, you will definitely appreciate my approach of Solution-Focused Therapy . (Learn more through the link below).

My clients are successful, high-functioning individuals who are looking for ways to solve issues and be better. They leave my office each week a little lighter-and take with them with problem-solving tools, new ideas to think about, and some insight into who they are…and we usually have fun, too.

By the time you decide to get counseling, you don’t want to leave the most important decision-a choice of therapist-up to chance at the student health services or with your insurance. You might also not want to wait several weeks to begin. I can offer you reimbursement options with your insurance or reduced fee as a Cal client in my practice.

The Tang Center and insurance-based counseling have important benefits and risks that everyone should understand. As a client in my office, everything about our work remains strictly confidential-and without any labeling. No “mental disorder diagnoses” have to happen here…just the help you need to get back to your life.

The bottom line is that counseling is an investment in your life and can be one of the most important things you ever do for yourself. You should feel in control of the process and that includes what you pay and who you see.

Contact me to find out you can receive affordable, solution-focused therapy. I wish you, my fellow Golden Bears, happiness and success!