One-Session Solutions

Do you have a specific problem you’d like to solve, and are interested in a direct, consulting-based approach? While the therapeutic process as the best method for making lasting change, I was also inspired to create a service called One-Session Solutions.

As a specialist in relationships and human behavior, my background is in using research-based solutions for today’s most common problems. If you’ve never considered yourself the type to go to therapy, consider trying a One-Session Solution.

How does it work?

One-Session Solutions are intended as a one-time appointment, alone or with anyone involved in your issue. After presenting your situation, I will provide direct feedback based on my expertise in the field of psychology.

The goal of a One Session Solution is to have you leave my office with resources to enact your own change. You may attend with a romantic or business partner, roommate, or any other person involved in your situation.

How is it different from therapy?

While traditional therapy can be longer process that helps a client gain valuable insight into their lives and lasting habit change, One-Session Solutions are designed to provide only the resources and information you may need to solve a problem on your own. They are also useful for resolving simple relationship issues, much like mediation.

Your issue may not be a good fit for a One Session Solution. If so we will discuss this in advance. It can require extra motivation and commitment to enact change on your own, especially for long-standing problems. I may recommend a follow up appointment or traditional therapy instead.

Some ideal topics for One-Session Solutions are:

Decision Making
Specific Parenting Topics
Sleep problems, including insomnia and non-restorative sleep
Simple cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety

You are always welcome to attend more than a single session, but my goal is to provide as much information as possible during our single meeting in order to send you on your way towards resolution.

Sessions are 1 hour in length and cost $195, which includes all prep work and follow up material that I recommend during session.

Please contact me to see if you are a candidate for a One Session Solution.