Why solution-focused therapy?

As I mentioned on my Home page, it is a form of brief therapy that focuses on solutions, rather than on problems. Many professionals spend a great deal of time thinking, talking, and analyzing problems, without initially doing much about the change you want.

Some of you really will want to understand the details of a particular problem-and we do this, too. But instead of the entire focus of counseling, this is a great side benefit to solution-focused therapy. You should gain some insight into why your problem is occuring, and the tools to solve it. You can read more about Solution Focused therapy v. other methods of therapy in a newsletter article I wrote here.

No particular “theory” is going to suit each client; in fact, this is just a place to start. We will be talking about you and your unique life. I am committed to helping you with your situation and we will work together to find out how this will be most effective for you. We will change our approach as needed. In general, my clients leave my office with problem-solving tools, ideas to ponder, and insight into their lives…and we usually have fun, too.

How long, how often, how much?

  • If you are an Individual client, your session is usually 45 minutes.
  • If you are a Couples client, your session is usually 75 minutes.
  • Counseling works best when you come once a week. We work several evenings each week as well as Saturday mornings to accommodate your schedule.
  • My fee for each 45 minute session is $140, and for each 75 minute session is $180. I have several slots available for a reduced fee to ensure that counseling is affordable to all. Other discounts are available for Cal Students and Grads.

Who are your clients?

I counsel three main “types” of clients: Couples, individual adults, and students (in high school and college.) I carefully structure my practice to accommodate a variety of clients.

I also ensure that I can maintain several reduced fee appointment slots for clients within my scope of practice.

My clients are great people and I love working with them!

What about insurance?

Yes: you can probably use your insurance to come see me.  As a licensed therapist, your sessions are eligible for out-of-network coverage by many PPO plans.  You should check with your plan and see what percentage of sessions they pay.

I  provide a monthly signed form for you to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.  You are responsible for paying my full fee at the time of session.

Please ask me about insurance plans and other questions by calling or emailing me, 510.457.5624 / [email protected].

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards (including American Express), cash, and checks.  Some clients pay each session, others every week or every month.

I’m interested, but not sure yet. How do I contact you to find out my options?

I completely understand if you are on the fence about making an appointment. Nobody wants to “sign up” for something without having a better feel for it. I hope you’ll call me or send me an email and let me know what’s going on with you right now. We can talk by phone or exchange a few emails about what you’re looking for. It might be the perfect time to make an appointment-or I might advise you to wait, see someone who can better help you, etc.

Send me a quick email or leave me a voicemail. I’m interested in getting you the solutions you need. My contact information is at the bottom of every page on the site.