My work specializes in helping college students and young professionals. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley and have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Since 2001 I have been working with students, couples, and families.

I use research-based techniques, including advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help people find solutions that work in daily life. You’ll find that I’m an easy person to talk to and will quickly become an important part of your support system.
I am committed to being up to date on the best information available for what really works in counseling. As a contributing Topic Expert at, I write monthy articles and a quarterly newsletter on various issues of interest. I am also a consultant to special groups at UC Berkeley on mental health issues.
People I specialize in:
• High school and college students
• Young professionals
Topics I specialize in:
• Anxiety and depression
• Insomnia and sleep issues
• Habits, motivation and effective behavior change

What makes my practice unique is the special way I work with my clients. I am committed to building on your strengths and finding solutions to your problems.

You would probably not be seeking therapy unless you had already tried to fix your situation on your own. Perhaps you were partially successful or completely overwhelmed. I understand the frustration and disappointment that can be involved in deciding to seek help.

By coming to therapy, you are not giving up on your ability to solve your own problems. In fact, you are just building on what you already know by using what I can teach you in sessions.

Please visit my Tips of the Month page to learn more about how I think. You can also view my writing that is featured on GoodTherapy here.

Recent Seminars Attended: (Please ask me for handouts and information!)

Treating Insomnia: Evidence-Based Strategies: Terrific seminar that covered the myths of “sleep hygiene”, whether medication and meditation work, and how we are usually doing the opposite of what we need to develop deeper, restorative sleep.

Sex Made Simple: Did you know that couples who divorce in the first 5 years is almost always related to problems in the bedroom? Did you know that sex is not a “drive” and that good sex is not a reason to get married, but bad sex is a reason to NOT get married?

Advanced Techniques in Cognitive Therapy for Recurrent Anxiety and Depression: What a mouthful of a title! Basically, fantastic research based tools to use for those people who find themselves with episodes that come back. This seminar gave me great worksheets to use for homework and was an inspiring reminder of how resilient we can be with the right treatment.

Mind Over Misery: The habits of the brain related to sleep, anxiety, mood, and physical conditions such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Understanding the stressed brain as it relates to fears and anxieties. Enhancing social reasoning and decision making. (April 2015)

Self-Care For Health Professionals: avoiding burnout, using mindfulness and compassion to restore meaning, purpose, and service to work. (April 2014)

Calming An Overactive Brain: The common denominator in anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, OCD and other stressful conditions is an overactive brain. New research on treating sleep problems, overeating, and stress caused by anxiety. (January 2014).

Practicing Mindfulness and Compassion: Using the science of mindfulness and compassion and evidence-based practices to help deepen clients’ connections to others. (March 2013).

Food, Stress And The Brain: Food’s effect on mood and behavior, including how serotonin and dopamine can be better regulated, and ways to improve depression without medication. (October 2012)

The Science of a Great Relationship: Research-based secrets on a thriving and sustainable relationship. Practical ways to cope with every day relationship problems, and how to make effective apologies and forgive. (April 2011)

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, CA MFC#44452. For more information about the California Marriage and Family therapist license, please visit