I have been working with couples, teens, families, and individuals since 2001. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley and have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, which is California’s most recognizable psychotherapy license.

I am a powerful ally to my clients not only because of my training but because I am a therapist with “real world” techniques and solutions.  I am accessible by text and email, which makes scheduling convenient. I think you’ll find me an easy person to talk to and a helpful part of your support system.
I enjoy working with people of all ages and am committed to always being up to date on the best research available for what really works in counseling. I am a contributing topic expert at, and I write a quarterly newsletter on various issues of interest. I am also a consultant to special groups at UC Berkeley on mental health issues.

I chose to be an MFT (as opposed to a clinical psychologist or social worker) because of the license’s excellent training in helping people with relationships and practical solutions, instead of focusing on diagnoses and psychological testing. The MFT license requires over 3,000 hours of experience and two licensing exams to be certified by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

What makes my practice unique is the special way I work with my clients. I am committed to building on your strengths and finding solutions to your problems.

You would probably not be seeking therapy unless you had already tried to fix your situation on your own. Perhaps you were partially successful or completely overwhelmed. I understand the frustration and disappointment that can be involved in deciding to seek help.

By coming to therapy, you are not giving up on your ability to solve your own problems. In fact, you are just building on what you already know by using what I can teach you in sessions.

Please visit my Tips of the Month page to learn more about how I think. You can also view my writing that is featured on GoodTherapy here.

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, CA MFC#44452. For more information about the California Marriage and Family therapist license, please visit