Sports Analogy: Just Like A Cyclist, Look Where You Want To Go

Do you remember when first learned to ride a bike? I was so worried about tipping over that I was barely looking ahead of me. Do you remember the feeling you had when your body’s natural sense of balance took over and it felt almost like magic that you were staying upright? I think that biking (and skiing!) are the closest feeling we can come to flying without leaving the ground!

Bikes can teach us some simple lessons to live by. Only when I learned to ride a motor scooter did I start paying attention to really good one: look where you want the wheel to go.

That is, don’t stare at the rock you hope to avoid. When threading the needle between two posts, don’t look at the posts – see the empty space between them. And never stare into a pothole; you’ll end up there for sure. Fix your eyes on the pavement next to it, the open space where you’ll keep your ride smooth.

Is this a form of tunnel vision? Sure. By focusing on where you want to be, you eliminate the debris from your path. If you only see the way through, you are more likely to stay upright and fixed on your goal. Here are some examples of how this might work when you’re off the bike:


• Weight Loss: See the healthy choices and the fitter you, instead of the food you’re tempted by but can’t eat. Look away from the couch, the pastry case, or whatever your “kryptonite” is!

• Arguing with someone: think about the response you hope to get, and the resolution that you want. Then steer your comments and thoughts in that direction.
Some of these choices take willpower and grit. Remember, February is the month of relapses, so make your path’s plan right now to steer clear of the rocks in your way. Check out my favorite book about willpower here.

• Productivity: Close all the distractions on your computer. Have your goal for the hour (or the day) taped in front of you.