Couples Therapy at its Best: Meet Karen

It turns out that running a Solution-Focused therapy practice is busy work. My clients love the idea of making headway on their problems and not getting stuck talking about stuff they don’t think is important or relevant.

In 2009, I set out to find a talented clinician to work with me. I wanted someone who would bring complementary skills and understand the priorities in my practice. I was looking for someone who could:

  • Be a down-to-earth person who directly answers clients’ questions, laughs, and gives practical, positive things to think about in session
  • Genuinely like my clients and be looking for their strengths while guiding them through their problems
  • Be a nerd; that is, attend conferences and stay up-to-date on the newest research in psychology so that we can always give our clients the best and most relevant information possible

Maybe it wouldn’t surprise you to know that a good therapist is hard to find and a good therapist to team up with is even harder. However, I have found an excellent sidekick in Karen Flynn.

Karen specializes in treating couples using the most effective form of couples therapy I believe that we have to date, the Gottman method. What this means to you, to the potential client, is that these therapists are renowned for their work with improving marital stability and divorce prediction, and teach practical skills while restoring relationships.

(I’ve mentioned John Gottman and his research institute before; this is the man featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and author of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, and 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage).

You don’t have to see Karen for couples therapy, of course. She sees individuals, too. Here are two reasons for now why you might consider calling Karen:

Maybe you are intrigued by the kind of work I do, but since you know me, you wouldn’t be comfortable being my client. Yes, Karen works in my office (as well as a Solano Avenue location) but maintains the privacy of all her clients.

You are interested in the best couples counseling and want to come in right now. I have very few openings in my practice at the moment, especially in the evenings. Karen works first thing in the morning, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Read more about Karen here.