The Secret Life of Secrets

One of my favorite websites was started as a project to have contributors decorate and send anonymous postcards. The only requirement? That each be completely truthful and never spoken before.

What do secrets have to do with counseling?

We all have secrets we keep from ourselves and from others. These secrets function in different ways, but usually to protect us from something. (Think about children and how they keep secrets and why). Often these secrets do keep us from feeling afraid in the short-term, yet the irony is that secrets usually feed our fears instead of strengths.

When we can be open with our secrets, we find freedom from our fears. Since 2005 the website PostSecret has collected and displayed over 2,500 pieces of art. As a therapist, I receive my own “postcards” in session each week. I really consider it a privilege to help discover my clients’ secrets and hidden strengths.

Visit this website and see how others’ secrets affect you. Are you reminded of any of your own? When life moves you, there is often a secret to be found. What wisdom do you have locked inside of you? Counseling is an effective and supportive environment to discover secrets that heal, and to heal secrets that have been holding you back.