A solution-focused approach to counseling for couples, individuals, and students. 

  • Is it time to get some objective help to solve a situation in your life?
  • Have you tried everything you know to fix something about your relationship and it just hasn’t worked?
  • Are you ready to get some results and do something different?

I’d like to help. I focus on solutions, and help you solve issues with a straightforward approach. 

I can teach you the latest research on human behavior, what makes people change, and how we feel better and build resilience.  I’m also a real person — easy to talk to, reasonable, and relaxed. Check out my profile page to see a list of recent trainings I’ve been to and how they might help your situation.

My practice, Lindsey Antin Counseling, is the top choice for UC Berkeley students and professors. We have 3 licensed therapist working Monday through Saturday to meet your scheduling needs.