• Is it time to get some objective help solving a nagging problem in your life?
  • Have you tried everything you know to fix something about your relationship and it just hasn’t worked?
  • Are you ready to get some results and do something different?

I’d like to help. I focus on solutions, and how to get what you want. There are plenty of professionals who will sit with you and analyze your problems. But chances are that you know what your problem is, and that’s why you’re thinking about an appointment…You are ready to get on with it and what you need are solutions.

It is important to me that you leave my office with some helpful information. You want to feel like you are taking steps towards solving something. You will gain insight into your life, but as interesting and powerful as that can be, it is most effective when combined with problem-solving and feeling better!

Many photos on this website are courtesy of Carrie Richards Photography. Thanks Carrie!